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When your invest in your employees, you are investing in your organization through legal compliance, continuous improvement, and leadership development.  Our customized training and development workshops are engaging, hands-on for active learning, and based on your industry and your organization’s needs and challenges for the most effective return on your investment.

We understand you are busy, so we offer a flexible schedule at your location or our Pease Tradeport office with a capacity of up to 60 people. Sessions can range from less than one hour to an entire day, and include evenings and weekends, depending on your needs, time, and budget.  We’ll develop a plan for customized, interactive workshops to engage and educate your workforce based on your current challenges and strategy. 

What are your training and continuous improvement needs?

Compliance-Focused Workshops

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

  • Benefits of maintaining a respectful and inclusive environment, current legal landscape and risks and harmful effects of exclusion, cultural development that mirrors the values of your organization, and key leadership roles and well-communicated policies

Employment Law Fundamentals

  • Federal and state law review with current legal landscape, real case analysis, root cause, and correction actions, key leadership roles and well-communicated policies, and prevention strategies and risk management based on your industry

Harassment-Free Workplace for Employees

  • 5 Ws of Harassment (What, where, who, why, and when), actual case examples and impacts, employee rights and responsibilities, and complaint and investigation processes

Harassment-Free Workplace for Supervisors

  • An expansion of the above training components, current legal landscape and risks, including employer financial impacts, employer challenges and key leadership roles, and complaint and investigation procedures

Managing Workers’ Compensation 

  • Legal causation and medical causation, reporting procedures and forms, types of benefits and employer obligations, and real case examples and application

OSHA & DOL Health and Safety Regulations

  • Management training on OSHA and state DOL safety regulations, development and implementation of comprehensive programs, employee education and training to support worker safety, and proactive internal audits to identify weaknesses and solutions

Development-Focused Workshops:

Best Employment Strategies with Millennials

  • Multi-generational awareness, particularly Millennials, Gen Xs, and Gen Ys, common qualities and the matching best management practices, recruiting and retention strategies, from employer branding to intrapreneurship, and promoting a respectful, rewarding, and enjoyable work environment for all generations

Communication, Miscommunication, & Awareness

  • Immersion into self-awareness strategies, learning social awareness and active communication skills, perception, observation, and analysis of others, and learning to build trust and positive relationships

DISC Profiling for Leaders, Managers, & Teams

  • Learning your own DISC style, identification of your peers and customers DISC styles using behavioral cues, discovery of strengths and challenges, and utilization of influence and effective communicate for maximized workplace results

Engaging (or Re-engaging) Your Workforce

  • Defining employee engagement and benefits for buy-in, connecting with your employees through trust and positive relationships, identifying and promoting your employees’ passion, and communication skills and challenges

Leadership Development Program

  • Cultivating the ability to positively influence teams and individuals, targeting the development of essential skills, abilities, and behaviors, learning to deal effectively with a wide variety of situations, and tying your talent management into your strategic organizational goals

Managing Social Media and Your Employer Brand

  • Creating employer branding strategies, visualization of vision, mission, and objectives, maximizing your competitive advantage in recruiting and retention, and social media techniques for everyone

Resolving Conflict and Conflict as a Positive Catalyst

  • Identification of sources of conflict and addressing conflict with confidence, utilizing conflict as a positive catalyst for organizational change, leadership and team strategies, and creating a stronger culture with continuous improvement

Toxic Workplace Prevention

  • Common root causes of toxic environments, prevention, early intervention, and coaching for the best performance, and development of a desirable culture roles and techniques.

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