Human Resources Solutions

By partnering with a professional HR Consultant, you can focus your time and energy on your operations and your areas of expertise for your success and growth.  From individual projects to long-term partnerships to complete outsourcing, we are here to listen, guide, provide solutions, and support you in all of your people-related activities.  Where do you want your organization to be?

Our services include onsite and virtual support in the following key organizational areas:

Employee Relations, Culture, & Engagement

  • Employee challenges, such as poor performance and other disciplinary issues
  • Workplace investigations and complaints
  • Conflict resolution and early intervention strategies
  • Engagement strategy and cultural alignment with values
  • Communications, newsletters, and employee surveys
  • Assistance with termination processes and decisions

Coaching, Training, & Development

  • Identification of current and future competencies
  • Workforce gap analysis
  • Training design and development
  • New hire orientation programs
  • Career development and leader development
  • Executive and management coaching

Legal Compliance & Policy Development 

  • HR Audits and compliance checklists
  • Employment law education
  • Record-keeping requirements
  • Policy development and implementation
  • Employee communication methods
  • Conflict resolution and early intervention
  • Risk management assessments

Performance Management & Succession Planning

  • Job analysis and job profiles
  • Career lifecycles and succession planning
  • Coaching, feedback, and accountability
  • Documentation practice
  • Performance improvement plans (PIPs)
  • Development of evaluation and review processes
  • Retention strategies

Compensation & Reward Strategies

  • Strategy planning, development, and implementation
  • Market analysis and benchmarking
  • Development of pay structures
  • Incentive programs
  • Executive compensation
  • Legal compliance and EEO considerations

Recruitment & Selection

  • Identifying your employer brand
  • Creating job profiles and descriptions and engaging job postings
  • Supporting diversity initiatives and EEO
  • Developing a recruitment sourcing plan that targets the most talented applicants 
  • Pre-screening applicants and onsite interviewing support to provide quality candidates 
  • Developing and implementing an on-boarding program 
  • Legal interview training and assisting with interview techniques
  • Onsite recruiting support as needed for more complete recruiting support

Strategic Workforce Planning

  • Help prepare a workforce strategy and determine your future needs 
  • Provide a more prepared organization that will support your objectives and your customers’ needs.
  • Organizational analysis of your necessary workforce competencies and the time-tested SWOT analysis
  • Data collection, including identification of gaps, risks, opportunities, and strengths
  • Develop of actionable internal and external approaches to align with your business strategy
  • Implementation through classic change management steps with support, training, and evaluation

We love HR, but you don’t have to.

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