What to do When an Employee Starts Crying during a Disciplinary Meeting

We are all human, we all have feelings and it can be tough to see a person cry. Here’s what to do when an employee starts crying during a disciplinary meeting.

Keep the meeting going.

  • You may be tempted to excuse the employee and postpone the meeting.
  • Rest ensured, the next conversation will be even more difficult.

Stay neutral.

  • The employee’s choices led you both to this meeting.
  • Do not apologize or behave overly sympathetic!

Offer a tissue and a moment before you continue.

  • He or she needs to know the meeting is important and you are not ending it.
  • Check your email or some other task, so you can provide the employee a moment of privacy.

Continue the conversation where you left off before the “break”.

  • Do not restart from the beginning and do not summarize.
  • Retain control of the meeting by not letting anything side track you, including crying.

The idea is take the crying in stride as just one more normal human expression, like a smile. The more you dwell on the crying, the more powerful it becomes. It can override the purpose of your counseling or disciplinary effort.

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